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About the offroad trip to Hong Kong

Kite Philippiens but not only

This time feel invited to my video sum up of my Philippines trip. I kite in best spots (Seco Island, Boracay, Kingfisher), I eat weird food and beautiful views are also in the package.

As you already know from previous posts from Philippines, at first I was traveling with rented small Toyota. As it turned out, it wasn’t good car for road out there. The best car would be my off road Toyota that stayed in Poland. One time there is road and behind next corner there is none. And we complain on out Polish roads…

Beginning of the movie is from Banaue rice terraces, more here: ( Definition of safe is very different from what we have in Europe. Five person family on one bike? No problem here. People on the bus? On the bus roof I meant, no problem, safe. It is like it here.

Next we have some food. Squid balls, fish balls, empanada, all very good and cheap. Full dinner for just one Euro. Next we have balut. Is an afrodysjak here. It’s nothing more than 20 day old duck in the egg. Eat it boiled with salt or vinegar. Looks ugly but tastes quite good.

I was a guest on Police Camp in Aurora province, where I had an opportunity to try shooting with Glock and M-16. It was really cool. And then one of the policeman asked me if he could wash my car… yyy… ok…

In my way to Camanires Notre I passed through Manila. It was already 11pm and still traffic jams and a lot of smog.

In Camanires Notre I didn’t spent even a day. So the weather forecasts here are quite accurate, so no wind. Quick rebooking and next day afternoon I’m already flying to Boracay.

First I wanted to go to Seco Island and it was great idea. Best kitespot in the world so far. So thanks Eme, fishermen and Isla Kite School. It costs about $200 but it’s worth it. A lot of food, drinks (including %). Trip there takes about 3h by land and another 3h by boat. But what a spot it is… Super flat water, clean just couple other guys beside you, even and stronger winds than on Boracay. 

After that Boracay was a little disappointing. Don’t get wrong idea, it is still nice spot. But, wind is onshore, beach is really small, especially during high tide, so landing kites on palm trees happens to people every day. Water is also a little choppy. Night life on the other hand is great. A lot of kitesurfers and regular tourists.

Regarding kite progress, my raley is getting better. I also tried backroll kiteloop, which ended good, but just at the first time. Next 5 not so well. Backroll kiteloop transition is getting better on the other hand.

Now I’m in Thailand waiting for my way of transportation to be finished, but about it soon.


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