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As I wrote before, when we reached Cannes it was already late. We didn’t have a place to sleep. Noise caused by of people partying would make it really hard. Plus constant police patrols.

Sometimes problems solve by themselves. So we started tasting if our wine selection was good. One French guy joined us and we started talking. Then his friends came. Someone popped a question where we were planning to sleep. We said that there, on the spot. One of the guys said that he wouldn’t let us sleep there. They started to look for a place for the car for us. The first night we spent with him (Ichem) and the rest of the guys. 

When we woke up in the .... afternoon, we went to the beach to meet the girls. I stayed in the car to do some work and Dominika went to have a sun bath with the girls. 

In the evening we went to a club. But before that there were hours of preparations of course. Thanks to the sisters, who offered the place to sleep, we could have nice, normal shower which was a luxury comparing to previous spots.

The next day was supposed to be “THE DAY”, so I wanted to buy fresh prawns from the port and prepare them on the beach. Unfortunately, prawns were from “InterMarche”, but still fresh and\ I prepared them really close to the beach, close enough, but on the parking place. So these minor inconveniences were compensated by the quantity and variety of frutti di mare. Small, big, regular and black prawns and shrimps, with garlic and spices fried on a pan in olive oil. It was a delicious meal.

Then we had some fun with longboard and left for Hyeres, where it was supposed to be windy in a matter of days.

We didn’t go straight there, though. Saint Tropez and Pampelona Beach were on the way, so we has some stops. When Dominika spending time at the beach I was trying to fix the first minor problem with the car.

It was already getting dark when we reached Hyeres and as usual we had a great view from our camping site. I managed to have a small kite session and Dominika had her first lesson the next day. Unfortunately, it was also her last one, as the wind was on shore and it was too crowded both on beach and in the water. It was Dominika’s last day on the trip with me, as her holiday was coming to an end. In the evening we packed and drove to the airport in Marseille.

I was continuing my journey on my own. One of my friends recommended to go to Sete, but WindGuru had a better weather forecast for a different place, a closer one. I decided to check it. In the map it looked quite nice. Lagoons sand and see, not much more. And so it was. Lagoons de Beauduc are really a great place. 35 km from the nearest village, 55km from the nearest city, hundreds of kites in the air, still a lot of space to kite, beautiful views and no camping rules :).

I spent 5 days there and I saw just one windsurfer, which was really weird. I met a lot of nice people and made some friends. And finally, I used some of off-road potential of my Toyota.

The next stop was Montpellier, where I visited my old friend. I had to do some work with the car as the roof rack was in a pretty bad shape. Thanks to Fred and a fork-lift truck from Lidl we managed to take everything from the roof down, exchanged the faulty rack and swapped the location of the tend with the solar panel to make the stuff more accessible and improve the aerodynamics of the load.

It took two days to make it all happen so I was eager to go to Leucate. It was already dark when I left. But I didn’t drive too far as a truck driver coming from the opposite direction hit my mirror which shattered my side window into pieces and as if nothing had happened, he just drove away. I turned back and started a pursuit after him. He went into the fields and finally stopped... after the road ended. I took picture of his plates and started to call the police. While I was on the mobile he run away once again. The Police didn’t come. I thought it’s a Polish way. I tried to call them once again but the man there couldn’t speak English so he just disconnected. By the way, my thing was not a serious matter, fortunately, but if someone was just about to be killed or was in a life threatening situation …?

“Je ne parle pas anglais” and handle it yourself.

So the next day I went to the Police Station. To make the long story short, they found the guy, made him come to the Station, he came and said it had been my fault and he had run away because I had been angry and he had been afraid of his life. So he said he was driving away,( at night without reverse mirror – how he could have seen my anger) . Miracle worker or what?

In that way I lost another day, on Police Station this time, and looking for a new window. Of course they didn’t have it so they fitted Plexiglas and I was going to have an appointment to pick it up in Perpignan the next week and left for Leucate. I met Olivier and Katerina there, so the evening was very nice.

I was hoping to do some kiting there but seeing one guy struggling to get back to the shore made me realise that’s not going to happen. As it turned out, the guy I met came from the other shore, about one kilometre away. I offered him a lift as all of his stuff had been left there.

La Palme is a nice spot. Warm and shallow water, not too many stones and occasional jelly fish, which is not nice. But from what I was told, their sting don’t cause burn... too much. Wind was good, water flat so I was trying some new things.

When it comes to interesting people, I met a young guy there, who admitted that he used to grow marihuana to have cash for kitesurfing. But from what I see this kind of “business” is even more popular in Spain, where the law is less strict.

The next stop is Saint Cyprien. Unfortunately, not enough wind, but interesting people, about whom I have already written (

The next day the proper window in my car is fixed. Short but nice meeting with my other old friend on her internship in Banyuls-sur-Mer and I’m off for Spain.


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