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Vive la Espana

Let’s say that my mind set for Spain was negative after hearing stories from France and Belgium friends. They all told me to be extra causious in Spain and look out for robbers. One of the stories even involved putting gun to head.

So after this kind of stories I preferred to find a nice, safe camp site. Bad for me it was high season. Highest part of high season to be precise. So prices were going through the roof. 45 euros for a night, for one person without even breakfast it’s a rape in the middle of the day. But still all campsites were full. On plus sides I had a swimming poll and campsite was 200m from the beach. Of course I didn’t use the pool but still place was nice.

Catalona doesn’t like kitesurfers. On most of the beaches kitesurfing is not allowed. There are two exceptions. The bay from Roses to Sant Pere Pescador, where I was and one other place closer to Barcelona. Still the place was really nice, great views, nice water, but still a little on the side so there were more dudes than beautiful girls in bikini. So just close to paradise.

When I was checking weather forecast I was in heaven, but local kiters brought me back on the ground. Loved in Leucate tramontana was not the favourite wind there, as it is gusty, but I don’t think they were on Tarifa when levante is blowing.

I enjoyed kiting there quite a lot. One day I used full range of kites from 7, through 10 to 12 meters.

According to my original plan, next spot was supposed to be Alicante. After talking with kite school owner in Sant Pere Pescador I decided to check two other spots.

Delta de L’ebre was a spot a little like Polish Hel. Long peninsula, shallow water and warm water. Unfortunately thermal winds doesn’t work too good there. I did some kiting, but they say that it’s much better there in winter. Well, Spanish winter, so more or less like ours summer.

Second recommend spot was heaven on earth. Capo de Gato is a spot you have to see. First huge flat ground and then massive mountain, which is actually a peninsula. Small ride up this mountain raises your blood pressure. Narrow road, not too much place for passing and a precipice. Wind was offshore and water smooth as a table. Thanks to two locals I had also a rescue with the boat if something would go wrong. It was really great out there. Unfortunately not too long as I had to pick up Matt from airport in Malaga. 

I met Matt on my first stop in Spain. He had couple free days so he decided to join me for couple days. So together we left for Tarifa. I was really looking forward to visit Tarifa as I have heard a lot about this place. Having nice company was making this experience even more exciting.

As it turned out, you cannot setup your tent on parking in Spain. But police was good for us and they just wrote down our names. Wind was already good, so not too long later we were trying levante. It wasn’t too bad, quite gusty but manageable. It was also one of the first times I have used Nobile T5. It’s a bow kite, so it handles gusty conditions better than C shape 50/50. It’s also better for teaching.

Once again I could test my kite teaching skills with nice company. Once again nice girls. Lucky me.

Sunday morning we left for Marocco with a plan to visit Moulay Busalham, a lagoon with nice kiting conditions.


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